AVD System

Atapir Medical's AVD System is a safe and effective electronic form of sedation for medical and surgical procedures. The AVD system was developed by Atapir, a medical engineering firm which has developed and tested a number of medical devices, drugs, and drug therapies. The AVD system was demonstrated to be safe and effective in a randomized clinical trial. The AVD system has been patented and Atapir Medical is in the process of filing a FDA 510K application and developing version 2.0 for commercial clinical release. The AVD system is being commercialized by Atapir Medical.

Atapir's AVD system has been clinically tested in 102 patients in a variety of procedures including TURP, pacemaker insertion, amputation, total knee, plastic surgery, vascular intervention, and neurosurgery.

AVDR System

Atapir Medical's AVDR System: detection of respiration, heart rate, saturation, and perfusion - coming soon!