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Atapir's AVD system has been clinically tested in 102 patients in a variety of procedures including TURP, pacemaker insertion, amputation, total knee, plastic surgery, vascular intervention, and neurosurgery.


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Atapir Medical: Medical Electronics to Improve Safety and Comfort of Patients

Atapir Medical's AVD System is a safe and effective electronic form of sedation for medical procedures. The AVD system was developed by Cardiac Engineering, a medical engineering firm which has developed and tested a number of medical devices, drugs, and drug therapies. The AVD system was demonstrated to be safe and effective in a randomized clinical trial. The AVD system has been patented and Atapir Medical is in the process of filing a FDA 510K application and developing version 2.0 for commercial clinical release. The AVD system is being commercialized by Atapir Medical, a division of Cardiac Engineering.

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Atapir Medical develops effective, low-cost, low-risk sedation devices that minimize anesthesiologist time in medical procedures, increase patient throughput in hospitals, and reduce medical risk and cost for outpatient medical procedures.



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